Ecose Lubricants

Ecose logoFrom the people that bring you Gulf Lubricants, Nu-Tier Brands is pleased to introduce our newest brand: ECOSE®.

ECOSE® is a full line of automotive, commercial and industrial lubricants that meet or exceed industry standards and original equipment manager (OEM) approvals. Many of the ECOSE® products also provide a level of environmental benefit. These are great products at a great price that deliver on performance.

Developed through strategic partnerships, ECOSE® enables our customers to balance their environmental, social and financial goals. Complete with programs and services that are designed to help you minimize impact to the environment, reduce the risk of contamination and reduce your overall total cost of ownership:

ECOSE® All Products Warranty – Comfort knowing we stand behind our products.

ECOSE® Condition Monitoring Program – Extend the life of your lubricant, decrease your waste, and reduce your downtime.

ECOSE® Lube Tag Program – Label your systems to help prevent product confusion or contamination.

Nu-Tier Technical Support – Application recommendations, trouble shooting and problems solving.

To assist in the identification of the environmental benefit of an ECOSE® product, we have developed and assigned an environmental performance icon to each of the ECOSE® products and viscosity grades. These icons can be found under the “Typical Properties” section of the ECOSE® Product Information sheets. Please utilize the embedded ECOSE® Icon Key on this page for an expanded definition of each icon. A product could have a single or multiple environmental icons.

Explore the ECOSE® line of products, programs and services to find the best business solutions through all things related to lubrication. Please contact us to find out more about how we can become your lubricant partner of choice.